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Hampden Archaeology

Community Archaeology in Hampden


Hampden circa 1870
Courtesy of the Baltimore County Public Libraries


Project Members:

Dave Gadsby

Robert Chidester

Paul Shackel

Oral Histories
In 1978, the Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project began the ambitious program of conducting oral history interviews of hundreds of longtime Baltimore residents. Twenty-eight of those interviewed resided in Hampden.  Since the completion of the project in the early 1980s, the interviews have been curated at the University of Baltimore, Langsdale Library. Several of them remain untranscribed. In an effort to access this source of information, the Center has entered into a cooperative agreement with Langsdale Library to transcribe several of the recordings. Undergraduate students at the University of Maryland undertook four of these transcriptions as their class project.

Transcribed Oral Histories 

Albert Flax

Carl Burke

Jean Hare

Lawrence Hood

Lester Merryman

Loice Foreman

Lura and Mary Frederick

Luther Butler

Lyle Winfield

Margaret Doyle

Mary and Nora Frederick

Myrtle Gosnell

Myrtle Talbott

Other Resources

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